24-hour Anchorage Scavenger Hunt!

June 19-20, 6pm - 6pm

Summer's greatest adventure is happening Solstice weekend in Anchorage! This 24-hour adventure scavenger hunt will be a day like no other. Teams will complete challenges Alaskan style to gain the max number of points within the time window. See what truly is possible on the longest day of the year!

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How it works

1. Gather a team

Register a team of up to six people to compete in various challenges in a 24-hour window.

Teams may consist of yourself, your family, your quarantine crew etc. All Alaska social distancing regulations that are in place during the event must be followed, and failure to do so will result in disqualification.

2. Get a ticket

Your $20 admission qualifies you for the chance to win prizes. The first 500 paid registrants will receive a backpack, head buff, and hand sanitizer!

Must be 18+ to participate and qualify for winning prizes. Children may participate with an adult for no additional cost.

3. Download the app

Download and join our scavenger hunt game to track progress and record proof of task completion.

Details and instructions will be outlined in emails sent during the weeks leading up to scavenge.

4. Pick-up race pack

Before the hunt, visit one of our pick up locations, that will be outlined in pre-race email, to receive your race pack.

The race pack will include event swag that comes with your paid ticket purchase, as well as your team's disc. The team disc is the object that will have to be in every photo and video for your team to capture the points for any of the challenges!

5. Scavenge

Starting at 6pm on June 19, open the app and start completing the list of challenges around the Anchorage area. Use the app to take a picture of your team and your team’s disc to earn points and win prizes!

GCI will be with you along the way, encouraging you to start exploring Hometown 5G with a range of 5G-themed challenges. Alaska’s first 5G network has begun to deploy across Anchorage and will completely cover the city this summer!

Some examples of challenges may look something like choreographing a team dance, taking a photo with Balto downtown, going in for a cold dip in Campbell Creek or supporting your favorite drive-thru coffee shop. Challenges can be done in any order there will be something for all ages and abilities.

As a choose-your-own-adventure event, there is no right way to rack up those points! Earn the most points out of all the other teams to win prizes!

6. Celebrate!

At exactly 6pm on June 20, the scavenger hunt will end.  Winners will be announced at our award celebration at 7pm, where our virtual tailgate party will follow the scavenge!  Grab some food and drinks outdoors or at home with your team and catch us online for the awards ceremony!




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